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At Federation Homes we're passionate about great design and quality building. Building a new home is a special experience and one that we aim to make as easy, enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Federation Homes offers unbeatable value for money. Our design team are Licensed Architectural Designers and are here to help you achieve great home design that doesn't cost the earth. 


Our Architectural Design team work alongside our Estimator and Build team throughout the design process to ensure knowledge is shared, creating the opportunity for greater innovation, build solutions and often this collaborative approach achieves greater savings without compromising on design. Our in-house design specialists are experts at creating dwellings unique to each and every client. We understand there doesn’t have to be a one size fits all. 

At Federation Homes you are dealing direct with a qualified expert...

Our in-house Licensed Architectural designers know the building industry inside and out. They have hammered nails, built trusses and designed everything from school halls & commercial buildings to both small & spacious homes.

Their decades of hands on experience give them a valuable design edge – knowing all the legal and practical implications of your design decisions and how to avoid any issues. They also specialise in disabled access, energy efficiency, environmentally sustainable materials and off-the-grid homes.


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As part of our initial design concept process we provide clients with a complimentary 3D render to experience layout, proportions and exterior elevations of their new home.


The Architectural Design & Build process

Architectural Site Visit

We'll meet you at your site and discuss a preliminary scope of works for your project.This initial meet includes one of our Architectectural Design team and our Client Manager which ensures weíre all on the same page from the get-go. At this meeting we will discuss your vision, the brief and budget. We'll also talk about the process in more depth; what the council is likely to want and how it might be achieved. This is an important step and your initial visit with our site experts is free of charge.

Comprehensive Design

Following the intial meeting weíll create an initial concept plan that fits within the scope. Presenting our initial ideas and concepts weíll cover off key elements such as design features, exterior and interior finishes.Together we will work with you to make amendments and also suggest alternatives. Itís important that we maximise exactly what can be achieved at this stage. Next, with your direction, we'll engage one of our senior Architectural team. This person will complete a comprehensive site background check, flag any foreseeable potential issues, discuss these with you and begin working on your design with you. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions or raise any concerns because we pride ourselves on total transparency and coming up with great solutions.

Guaranteed Price

Once you're completely happy with your design we'll price the house for you, right down to the very last nail. We'll provide a guaranteed fixed price for the house build so you know before you start exactly what you'll pay. It's your guaranteed peace of mind from us to you.

Consent Preparation and Application

We'll prepare the consent documents, help organise any associated specialists, and apply for your building consent on your behalf, and we'll keep you updated weekly on the process. We know exactly how local councils work and every milestone involved so we do everything we can to keep the build running smoothly.

Interior finish selections

While the consent is being processed you'll have time to finalise your colours and finishes. Suddenly those beautiful new rooms start to become a reality! If you're not sure exactly what you want, we can supply a dedicated colour and style consultant who will lend you with their interior design expertise.

Consent Approval

Once consent is approved, the real fun begins. By this stage all your selections will be finalised and our production team will be able to begin your project! You'll be able to track progress on our comprehensive online project management system, giving you control over the process and easy communication with your dedicated Personal Project Manager.

Quality Control Checkoff

We have our very own comprehensive 120 item checklist that ensures every home is handed over only when it meets our standards. It’s this eye for detail that makes all the difference. We can’t stress enough how important robust systems and checklists are to getting the finished article signed, sealed and delivered.


Now your home is complete it's time to move in! It’s a place you’ll be proud to call home.


Our top priority? 100% customer satisfaction. Let’s face it; buying and building a new home is one of the biggest investments you’ll make and it’s our job to make sure it’s one of your best investments.








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