Gold in the backyard?

With not a lot of new land becoming available in the Tauranga region, people are looking to subdivide their sites but are unsure of the process. Getting well informed advice early on in the process could save you time and money later on.

An exciting opportunity exists for you to capitalise on what you already have & climb the property ladder. Depending on the size of your backyard you may be able to fit an ‘infill’ new home, add a minor dwelling or be able to extend the size of your current home.

A common perception is that subdividing can be a nightmare with all the hoops you need to jump through so we realise that firstly you need to understand if your property is suitable for development prior to making any financial commitments. Here at Federation Homes we’ve dealt with many subdivisions so we can provide you with guidance from the outset.

Our site specialist can visit your home and discuss details regarding your property, including relevant zonings and covenants on the title. If a subdivision is deemed achievable, then our professional team use carefully selected partnerships to navigate through the requirements set out by council. This ensures a hassle free process for you and enables to process to flow efficiently.

Types of Subdivision

There are three main subdivision types. A fee simple or freehold title (the most common) where the owner holds the full title to the land. A crosslease (flat) and unit title (strata) ownerships are different part share arrangements – requiring permission to make changes to your section.

Things to consider with subdividing:

Vehicle access – On-site parking and vehicle access should be considered early on in the design process. Most subdivisions require turning circles as well as a certain number of parking sites per unit. Sloping sites or sections adjoining busy roads can mean house design is limited due to vehicle access. Our architectural design team will help navigate through this process.

Council consents

Your local council requires a resource consent to subdivide a section and depending on what zoning applies to your section or covenants in place, will determine whether or not you can carve up your land. Council may also require you to ask for neighbours consent if the section is below minimum lot size for your zoning. Our land surveyor can guide you through this stage and we’ll prepare the consent application for you.

Subdivision plans

Our designers can submit subdivision plans for you as part of the consent application and arrange for your land to be resurveyed to establish/finalise new boundaries and dimensions.

The next step…

Once you have consent the exciting design process can start! You’ll be able to capitalise on your new equity and build a home to help you up that property ladder.

Contact one of our highly experienced build team to discuss the potential of your site.