Laying the perfect brick...

Designed and manufactured in Europe, the Azul Brick by Austral bricks is the ultimate in stunning elegance and european sophistication.

With it's clean edges and a beautiful blue-grey hue, we used this gorgeous brick on our latest display home to achieve visual impact. We also used the stunning brick internally by surrounding the Escea fireplace column in it.

As you drive into Quail Ridge Estate it's the first house you notice and is a standout hit with clients!

"Spain – confident, creative and the artistry of Dali, Picasso, Miró, which give inspiration to the soft white and charcoal black bricks of La Paloma and La Paloma Rustico. Characterful, eye-catching and steeped in heritage, they express two striking colours found in the spectrum of fired clay colours, transforming buildings into works of art." - Austral Bricks International