Pricing on the increase

Each year the council sets citywide and local contributions, taking into consideration and new community developments and this affects what we pay.

Development and financial contributions are fees payable to Council to fund capital infrastructure required for growth. This infrastructure includes new pipes, roads and parks. These contributions may be required on resource consents (subdivision and land use), building consents and service connections in situations where development will have additional impact on infrastructure (ref. 2020/21 Development Contributions Policy TCC).

The Waiāri Water Supply Scheme is well under way & due to the funding for this, fees are expected to rise substantially. How much extra will we pay for consent? Hard to say for certain but we'd estimate it's about the cost of a nice kitchen!

If you're looking at building, it could well be worth getting started sooner rather than later to avoid the inevitable increase in cost. So now is better by far to get your house design done and into council (ideally before the second half of this year).

Call our resident expert Ollie to discuss your project on 021 720 710.

Further info on the Waiāri Water Supply Scheme can be found here:

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