Why a Knock Down & Rebuild could be the answer....

You love the street, but the house could do with work…. A Knock Down Rebuild (KDR) project

with Federation Homes will help you build your beautiful dream home – exactly the way you want it and perfectly suited to your lifestyle.

Many of the homes currently on the market are in established suburbs where a lot of the choices are made for you.

A real opportunity lies in the older homes that either needs renovating or have passed its use-by date. Property prices are set to keep increasing for some time, so now is your golden opportunity to put your eggs in the ‘bricks & mortar’ basket by adding real value to your investment.

You can cater the rebuild design to what's selling well in the market or simply bring it more in line with how your family wants to live.

The Benefits

The cost to tear down and rebuild a house could be less than you think. Renovations can incur hidden costs and tend to carry more risk with unknown ‘surprises’. Things such as electrical & plumbing upgrades, mould & rot, changes to council regulations and if extending – earthworks. With a KDR you get a new, energy-efficient and customized home with predictable timelines.

We can organize the demolition on your behalf, including all permits and inspections – all part of our end-to-end service.

At the end of the day,….. increase your property value for when you’re ready to sell.